1Supportive Work Environment
We believe in providing a supportive work environment by investing in training and development as well as in recreational activities to ensure work-life balance as we think it is important for team members to grow both professionally and personally.

2Variegated Exposure
Exposure to various fields of law provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and absorb as much as one can.

3Work with committed professionals and marquee Clients
Commitment being one of our core values is inculcated in our team which in turn helps in working effectively to facilitate a fulfilling experience.

4Thrive in a culture that empowers SNACOites to become future leaders
Leaders are not necessarily born; they emerge many a time from the environment which nurtures such talents. Providing such platform is what SNA & Co., believes in.

5Grow in Professional Competency
Professional Competency is measured by the last assignment undertaken – also reflects the competency in the completion of the task – enough opportunities to grow in such a congenial environment is what we aspire for.

6Continuously learn, unlearn and relearn
The illiterates of the 21st Century are not those who do not know to read or write. They are those who refuse to learn, unlearn and relearn. ~ Alvin Toffler

Challenging the Status-Quo is the credo of SNA & Co., and this, results in fostering and nourishing thought leadership with freedom to disagree and in unlearning and relearning the lessons of professional life. Learn more about Our Core Values and Culture here.

At SNA & Co., we are more than happy to welcome individuals who wish to associate with us in our endeavours. Our core values and culture provides a launch pad for individuals to excel in their careers through development of professional skills and expertise.

To learn more about available opportunities, please write to us at using the following form and we will revert in case of suitable opening.